Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Finishing raw edges of organza with ribbon

I love my sheer skirt!

I figured out a great trick to finish the edges of the organza with white ribbon.

A lot of the skirts that I used as inspiration had contrasting hems like the one above and it's actually way easier to finish the edge with ribbon instead of trying to hem it. 

Here's what I did:

I used transfer paper to mark where I wanted the finished edge to be (can you see the blue marking?). I basted the ribbon to the wrong side of the fabric with the edge of the ribbon just overlapping the finished edge marking. Then I stitched the ribbon to the organza right along that edge.

Next, I folded over the ribbon and ironed it flat, and trimmed the excess organza so that the raw edge is hidden under the ribbon.

Finally, I stitched down the other side of the ribbon, enclosing the raw edge.

Nice, clean edges!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Layered skirt 180

In the week since my last post, I made some adjustments to the skirt and the styling and I'm so much happier with it!

Oooh-la-la, am I right? I let down the hem of the opaque layer and, at my sweetheart's suggestion, took  in the side seams at the hem by about an inch total.

Very special thanks to Cari Homemaker for suggesting the button-up shirt tied at the waist (I wish I'd thought of that. Brilliant!) and Gillian for pointing out that the camera angle wasn't doing me any favours.

Man, it was the right choice to let down the hem. Even with the extra length, the opaque part is mighty short!

The shirt is one that I wear constantly. I made it right before I started this blog (It's posted to livejournal) same with the necklace.

I'm so glad that I ended up happy with this skirt. I can't wait to wear it out and show it off!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Best Layered Plans: Fashion Fail

I've been a little obsessed with the idea of making a sheer-layered skirt for a while and this week I finally made it happen!

Uh... so I was all excited about this skirt until I started photographing it.

Why is it so ugly!?! It didn't look like this in the mirror. I feel like this skirt makes my hips and thighs look huge!

Or this! Also, what is my body doing???

This is making me so sad. I was all excited about making something fun and special and I thought it was going to look so good. And of course now I'm feeling frustrated about my body.

This is not how I want my body to look. Fail.

Like, I actually think I would prefer not to wear clothes at all. All they do is remind me how not-perfect my body is.

To be fair, some of the photos looked OK.

But there are definitely way more bad photos than good, and I can't tell what it really looks like in real life! Have you ever had this problem? Where it's hard to figure out if something is flattering of unflattering?

Here's what I think some of the problems are:

  • I'm slightly backlit in my mirror at home, which makes the organza layer look more sheer, so in the mirror, I see the silhouette of my legs through the organza more clearly. But in photos, the organza is more reflective of light, so it's more opaque creating a fuller silhouette. Solution: remake the skirt with different organza that is even more sheer.
  • I don't know what top to make/buy to wear with this. Just from photos, I can see that the ones with the black tee are a little better than the ones with the white cami. Solution: find a style of top to go with it that makes it more flattering.
  • The opaque layer is a cotton broadcloth. It's a little stiffer than I had been hoping for, and I think it makes me look a little wider because it's got some body itself: Solution: find a pure white fabric with good drape (a challenge in itself) and remake the skirt.
  • This is just an unflattering look for me altogether. Solution: cut my losses and wear something else to my sweetheart's CD release party.
Ugh. I don't know.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Not cool

So actually, it's not cool, it's freezing cold! Winter just never seems to end. Ugh!

What I really mean, though, it that this dress is kinda just not cool. This is a pattern I designed, if you remember.

What can I do to make the next version of this dress cooler?

I just feel like it's not quite right, you know? Between the blouse-y bodice and the gathered skirt, this dress makes me look a bit dumpy. And it's just kind of not cool. It'll be easy to wear on the weekends in the summer, and I can ride my bike in it, but it's not very fashionable.

The skirt sure it swish-y!

Part of it is that the most stylish, current silhouettes are really unflattering on my figure, but it makes me feel like I'm getting old!

I'd still like to make a dress using this fabric

What can I do to make the next version of this dress cooler?

Friday, 28 February 2014

No one is safe!

No one is immune for the nipple darts! It's nice to know it's not just a problem for home sewists.

I can't tell if this is just how this dress photographs - with the lustrous white fabric and all - or if this dress is poorly constructed. Is it super unsymmetrical or is that just the way she's standing?

In any case, I know that the nipple dart can get event the best home sewist, but it's nice to know it's not just us. I also find it pretty comical that this is what passes for news.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Fast-ish Fashion ...ish

Oh yeah, clothes are supposed to be fun!

I made this outfit on a whim. Well, as much of a whim as I can get when sewing. The shirt is based on the bodice for this dress I'm drafting and the skirt is the same basic block that I used for this and this and also these dresses. I just made it have a contoured waistband.

Because I was making this mostly for looks, I let myself skip some of the more labour intensive techniques and I used some synthetic fabrics. The shirt is rayon and the skirt is a poly-wool blend.

I was inspired by this

Look how cute! I'm so envious of this girl's style that I even copied her red purse. Check out how off grain the pattern is at the hem of her skirt. What's up with that? Love this look, though.

Running shoes! I made my outfit to wear to a funk show, so I wanted to be able to dance. Thank you Chanel, for making running shoes chic.

Yup. I've already worn the shirt with my pegged skirt and I looked fierce.

And thanks Brian! Brian's a friend of mine who is also a professional photographer and total boss. Watch out dude, a girl could get used to this.

Man, it was really fun to make something trendy, just to wear to a show!